Genomes2Fields (G2F)

Genomes2fields (G2F) is a 23-state, 37-site coordinated corn genomics and predictive phenomics initiative formed in 2014. With over 63,000 plots planted from 2014-2017, this public-private partnership is designed to expand our understanding of the expression of corn genes across diverse growth environments. Collectively, the consortium is gathering valuable data on field performance and phenotypic outcomes across a range of input variables and conditions.

With funding from Iowa Corn, G.E.M.S™ plays a major role in planning, coordinating, and implementing data management for G2F. Working together, we are:

  • streamlining data collection and submission
  • enabling real-time data cleaning upon upload
  • real-time analysis and comparison to previous-years’ data.

G2F field sites

Activities are expanding to incorporate transformative technologies in routine analyses, such as real-time incorporation of weather data, UAV, satellite, and other remote-sensed field data, and in-season predictive analytics.