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Lin Liu

Agroecosystem Data Scientist

Expertise: Data analytics; process-based crop modeling; cropping systems; high performance computing

Lin Liu is a postdoctoral research associate in the GEMS Informatics Center at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She received her dual-major PhD degree in Environmental Geo-Sciences and Environmental Science and Policy from Michigan State University. Her work is driven by the mission to feed the world sustainably through agricultural technology advancement and innovations. Her graduate work addressed challenges and solutions in crop production systems in Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana, Honduras and the US. She used the Systems Approach to Land Use Sustainability (SALUS) crop model and data analytics with the aid of high performance computers to provide in-season corn yield forecasts for small fields, to recommend agronomic management that improves crop yield while conserving soil resources, and to evaluate climate change impact on cropping systems and effectiveness of climate adaptation strategies. During her PhD, she was intrigued by knowledge gained working with large volume of climate, agronomic, and environmental data. Her work at the GEMS Center is geared towards harnessing computing power to accelerate agricultural innovation. She is working with the Soil Health Partnership to advance soil conservation practices for the Midwest cropping landscape.