Smart Sharing

Discoverability (from metadata to data and tools)

Breaking down data silos requires much more than aspirational aims of making data openly available.

We are about incentivizing data sharing. A first step in sharing data (open or otherwise) is knowing what data are available, and identifying those with whom mutual value may be realized by sharing data.

Our intuitive graphical interface empowers data (and analytical tool) providers to reveal whatever meta-data they choose to share, opening up possibilities for new research partnerships, through new, easy-to-implement, data sharing opportunities.

You Choose. Owner Empowered

GEMSOpen supports open data, where everyone gets to access the interoperable tools and data placed at the discretion of our partners in this part of the platform.

But not all data are open. Some are pre-publication, work-in-progress data for sharing among immediate research collaborators, but not yet ready for prime time. Other data are proprietary; but sharing all or selected parts of proprietary data among particular partners can spur agricultural research and innovation.

G.E.M.S also securely supports entirely private data that can realized added value by interoperating with the tools and other less private data accessible via the platform and its API-linked partners.

A simple graphical user lets the data provider (not us or others) control who sees what data set (or tools), or parts thereof, when, and for what purpose.

Fine Grained (when, who, what)

Different dimensions of data have different value to different users. Some users find value in experimental trial results without having to know the specific crop varieties being planted. For others, detailed genetic data, absent phenotypic information has value. Some realize value from linking genotypic to phenotypic data.

The value proposition in data also has a time dimension. Predicted crop yields have different value for different user groups at the beginning or the completion of a crop season. Accumulating paired predicted and actual crop yield data for multiple seasons adds even more value. For others it is the results of advanced analytics applied to interoperable genomic, environmental and management data that has the most value.

GEMShare, the smart data sharing functionality of the G.E.M.S platform, enables data providers to control who sees what, and when, thus using the intrinsic, multi-faceted value in the data to incentivize innovation partnerships for the mutual benefit of the collaborating partners. Data and metadata are stored separately allowing independent control of both.  For instance, a data manager can enable the metadata that describes key features of each of the data sets to be available for discovery, while maintaining more restrictive control over who has access to the data. When a user discovers data they have not been granted access to a request for access can be generated for review by the data manager.