G.E.M.S supports tabular field trial data, whole genome sequencing output, global extent raster data, or any digital file. Combine contemporary satellite imagery with historical census data. Work with field test results alongside an assembly of the associated germplasm.


G.E.M.S provides compute power on a central cluster, but with the data and tool portability inherent in G.E.M.S it is easy to move these items to a full-fledged HPC environment when circumstances require. Whether that means prototyping and testing an analysis on G.E.M.S hardware before performing a full analysis, or pulling public data to a private location for combination with proprietary or sensitive data, G.E.M.S will support a model that fits the situation.


G.E.M.S is designed to be portable and global. Download tools down to a laptop before heading in to the field. Pull third party data onto a powerful workstation in the data center housing proprietary data for analysis. Deploy recommended hardware to a nearby part of the world and allow users to request the movement of data to where they are. Leverage Globus Transfer to handle transfers of any size while allowing for network instability so that users can do the analysis they need wherever they are.