Flexible Tools

Easy Graphical Interface

Some users desire easy, point-n-click, see-and-play access to data.

G.E.M.S is building a suite of graphical interfaces that provide different tabulated and, where appropriate, mapped views of the data. Most of the graphical interfaces come with flexible, popup, analytic windows giving various summary statistics and attributes of the underlying data.

Users can pick the shared data they want to display from a drop-down, context-sensitive, menu. Accessible data can also be downloaded in various tabulated and mapped forms.

Using its smart sharing capabilities, G.E.M.S can also enable private access to partner prescribed, and purpose-built point-n-click applications. Not only can you preserve data privacy, you can also ensure privacy regarding the way you see and play with that data.

Programming Interface

We also had data geeks well and truly in mind when developing G.E.M.S.

After all, G.E.M.S is all about enabling innovation in agriculture, so developing and deploying cutting-edge, big data analytics is often essential for achieving those innovations.

Analysts can select from the suite of analytical tools already available in GEMSTools or load their own analytical tools on the platform.
GEMSTools presently supports programs coded in R, Python and Scala.


The “you choose” approach applies to how you deploy your tools on the platform.

Just like G.E.M.S smart data sharing capabilities, analysts get to decide who sees what tools they bring to the platform. They can be added to GEMSOpen for all to see and use, shared only with particular partners, or kept entirely private.